About Me

I am a 41 year old mother of two (one seven year old and a baby born on January 12, 2014), living in Italy. I have been vegetarian since I am 18, spending a year and a half as a vegan while I was living in New York twenty years ago (20 years ago???). Many of my years as vegetarian have been spent eating too much junk food. I have done crash diet after crash diet (I have had most success with high protein diets ... as there was not much left to eat!), and my weight has varied from 140 lbs - 225 lbs during my adult life.

Well, at this point I am obese and really need to get back into shape. Yes, for aesthetic reasons (how pathetic is it that I don't want any pictures of me taken with my two children because I know I hate how I will look on them!), but also because I want to be fit and fun again. Self-hate doesn't exactly make you a fun person to be around!

So what do I enjoy?
  • hiking (when I am fit enough to get up a hill!)
  • yoga (when extra fat doesn't keep me from reaching even the most basic positions)
  • spending time with my children and my partner
  • reading (possible at any weight ... :->)
  • my job (I am a teacher/university researcher) 
Extra weight keeps me from enjoying 3 out of the above: even spending time with my family isn't as fun as it could be: take camping for example! It's way easier to do when you are more nimble!

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