Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fake it till you make it ...

Starting weight: 101,7 kg (223,74 lbs)
Today's weight: 98,1 kg (215,82 bs)
Total weight lost: 3,6 kg  (7,92 lbs)
Target weight: 70 kg

Did you ever hear the sentence "fake it till you make it"? It can refer to many things, but in my case I am trying to apply it to me and my life.

Who would I like to be?

I want to live a vegan lifestyle and actively use my body. I want to be happy and rejoice in all the good things life is giving me. I want to concentrate on the positive in life and not the negative. I want to be a fit, fabulous, joyful person.

The mental image I have of that person is a beautiful, trim, radiant woman. If I look in the mirror, I am not exactly that. So I need to stop looking in the mirror ... but I have started living the life I want to live.

I am vegan, and actually feeling great (you know that "great feeling" so often promised when you start following a vegan diet? Well, it has hit me in abundance!)

I have started actively using my body again. This past week I have been to the gym, done two hikes, completed a kickboxing class. It makes me feel good to use my body and be active ... I just can't look in the mirror while doing it, or I will focus on how ridiculous I look during kickboxing rather than how good it feels. Or how sweaty I am during climbs, rather than on the great views from the top of a mountain (here it also helps not staring at your shadow, especially when it comes from the unflattering behind angle that makes you look even more enormous!).

Even when I am down during the day, I try not to get angry and frustrated anymore but be grateful for my two beautiful, healthy children and the relationship I have with my husband.  

And one day, hopefully the outside will match the inside ... and I will be a trim, fit and fabulous person ...

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