Thursday, March 6, 2014

Any other overweight or obese vegans out there?

Well, I am this blog is for those who like me find it challenging to lose weight, even though they are eating a supposedly healthy diet!

Welcome to my blog!

Full disclosure:
Today's weight: 101,7 kg (223,74 lbs)
BMI: 36,5
Target weight: 70 kg

Yikes, right?

I am a 41 year old mother of two children ... and don't know where time and life have gone in the last few decades. Mentally I feel 25 (honestly, too young to have children!). But I have been damaging my body (and my mind) with wrong lifestyle choices for the last two decades.

It's time to get with it ... and get my life back, for so many reasons,

This blog will chronicle my self-help attempt.

I believe in the vegan way of eating, but have been a junk-food vegetarian for twenty years. Going vegan doesn't mean automatically living a healthier life, so this will be my attempt to adopt an all-around healthy eating- and lifestyle.

I am starting off at a bad point:
  • I am obese (my BMI is over 35!!!)
  • I haven't been to the gym in ages (and last time I went, I was recouping from an ACL injury
  • I have a newborn at home and am running on basically no sleep
But enough pessimism. I trued to give the blog an optimistic title.

On with it!!!  

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