Saturday, March 8, 2014

First results!

Starting weight: 101,7 kg (223,74 lbs)
Today's weight: 99,8 kg (219,56 lbs)
Total weight lost: 1,9 kg  (4,18 lbs)
BMI: 35,78
Target weight: 70 kg

Ok, I don't know exactly how or why, but I have lost weight! The only really virtuous thing I have done is replace my dinner with a green smoothie two nights ago. I used powder, as I don't have a high-speed mixer

That was a good experience, as it was actually quite delicious! I prepared mine with apple juice and added some frozen peaches, and it rocked! And I wasn't hungry at all - I was a bit afraid I would wake up ravenous during the night.

Ok, I doubt drinking one smoothie can magically make the pounds disappear, so I guess it must be attributed to me being a bit more careful in general with what I eat. And in the beginning of a diet, weight loss is much quicker than once you are on the way, especially when you have a lot to lose.

Onwards ... :-)
I never want to see a 100 on my scale again!!!

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