Friday, March 14, 2014

Weight up? and first cooking attempts from new book

Starting weight: 101,7 kg (223,74 lbs)
Today's weight: 98,8 kg (217,36 bs)
Total weight lost: 2,9 kg  (6,38 lbs)
Target weight: 70 kg

I gained 200 g! What the ...! But after going to the gym just twice, I already feel much better and also look better, trimmer ... now, I know that that is not possible, of course, but just an illusion. But it shows you what working out can do for you mentally!

So I started trying some recipes from Lindsay Nixon's Light and Lean cookbook.

The first one I tried, as it was SO SIMPLE and I had an old banana that had to be used up was Banana Chocolate Chip Scones (p. 52). Here's the result:

They look just like the ones in the book. Taste? Hm, they are sugar and fat free except for the chocolate pieces, so I guess what can you expect. The taste is actually really good. The consistency isn't at all scone-like. But they are worth it for the calories (125 each), and I think I will make them again.

Next up was the peanut sauce (Thai Peanut Dressing p. 140).

OMG ... so good!!! The sauce seemed a bit sweet at first, but tossed with noodles cooked in salt water, it was really good. I hoped to make two servings, but that didn't work out. (I didn't have soba noodles handy, so I used regular spaghetti.)

Next up are the Chickpea Tenders (p. 63). They are in the oven right now, so stay tuned to find out how that turned out ...!!!

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