Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New cooking adventures for an ex non-cook

No weight posting - TTOM :-)

So I had a few slip up days, where I ate way less healthy than I should have. I had visitors over the weekend and we went out to eat too many times. But since Monday I am back on track food wise. 

I have been going to the gym, working out and taking Zumba and kickboxing classes. Slowly (very slowly), this is getting easier. I can't wait to be in good physical shape and really power out during my gym sessions!

I am not a big fan of cooking (or better, wasn't). When I was a vegetarian it wouldn't be uncommon for me to eat bread and cheese for every meal. Think you can't eat a pound of cheese in one sitting? Well, I could and did. Frozen pizza was another one. I basically lived off carbs and fat ... no vegetable or fruit ever made it into my mouth.

So this cooking/meal preparing thing is a big change for the better for me.   
I have tried some new recipes from the Happy Herbivore cookbooks.

Breakfast/snack items: Lemon Biscuits and Black Bean brownies

First the lemon biscuits: they are ok, but I won't make them again. The consistency isn't all that great (a bit rubbery) and I am not crazy about the taste either.

The black bean brownies ... I think I would like them if somebody else had made them and I didn't know the ingredients. On the plus side: I am snacking on black beans and banana. But I am still weirded out by them. Yes, they are definitely chocolatey, but the consistency (again) is all off. Maybe if there were some flour in it, I would like them better.

Next up: Shep's Pie. A complete success! I will definitely make that again!!! Here is a picture from above (the mashed potatoes didn't brown well, but that's ok):

And a photo from the "inside":

 My husband was also quite taken by this dish, and it was SO easy to make.


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