Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back to the gym!

Starting weight: 101,7 kg (223,74 lbs)
Today's weight: 98,6 kg (216,92 lbs)
Total weight lost: 3,1 kg  (6,82 lbs)
BMI: 34,9
Target weight: 70 kg

Things are going well, and I have a lots of energy! My body is beginning to feel somewhat "clean", which is a nice feeling. Yesterday it was back to the gym for me after I didn't go during late pregnancy and in the two months after giving birth. It was not too traumatic ... as long as I don't look in a full-length mirror! 

Actually, it was really fun. I loved using the weight machines and making my muscles work again. Soon I will go back to Zumba class, too, to burn some calories. With a two month old baby at home, I haven't really had time to myself at all, so I reveled in this indulgence while baby was watched by dad. I am going to try to work out three times a week and take long walks with the baby when weather permits (today looks good!).

Yesterday I got some new cookbooks in the mail (thanks, Amazon!):

I can't wait to try some new recipes. Unfortunately some ingredients that Lindsay Nixon uses aren't available in Italy (like yams, sweet potatoes and even cilantro!) so I will need to find substitutes. The German cookbook also looks great! Eckmeier veganized some of my favorite childhood recipes.

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